Saturday, February 18, 2012


Sorry it took me so long to post, it’s my senior year and I have to do scholarships, focus on my honors project, and all that good stuff. So yeah I sowee, and I hope you enjoy this post. P.S. listen to this song by Paramore; it’s my shit. Yes, I know I’m weird lol.

Drake laid in the bed watching Nicki as she slept.  He loved her dimples and the faces she made while she slept, but most of all he loved her. He was happy to have her there and was willing to do whatever to keep it that way.

“Boo nigga,” Nicki said. “You been staring at me for a good five minutes creeper,” she giggled.

“I was just taking in all of your beauty.”

“You’re so corny babe,” she said getting up.

“I’m serious,” he said then gripped her waist to place her on his lap. “Where you think you going?” He began kissing her neck.

“Aubrey, I need to get up and take care of stuff today. Plus you gotta be at the studio with Wayne today too,” she said while trying escape his grasp only to fail.

“But I just want to chill with you for a little bit. I mean we just got back together, and we haven’t even spent time together besides last nite.”

“We have enough time to do that boo but rite now you need to get with the shit and get dressed, so we can handle business (pauz) ,” she said finally able to get up. She went to the bathroom and turned on the shower only to be followed by Drake.

“Fuck you doing.”

“Bout to take a shower?” he said to see if she would go for it.

“Umm…I don’t think so.”

“I knew you wouldn’t go for it,” he mumbled walking away. As Nicki got into the shower, she realized she forgot to get a towel. She couldn’t get out, so she thought she’d just get Drake to bring her one *wink wink*.

“Babe, bring me a towel please.” As he entered the bathroom, he could see her naked thru the shower, and his boy began to rise.

“Damn,” he mumbled.  She was so sexy, and he couldn’t help to stare. He was embarrassed and eager at the same time.

“Thanks, what’s wrong with you? Oh I see (literally). I mean you can join me if you like.”

“Are you serious? Don’t be bullshittin’ Onika.”

“Ok I Tried,” she said closing the shower door and resumed what she was doing but only to be interrupted by a built Drake appearing in the shower. He pulled her into him and pushed her against the wall. “Don’t start something you can’t finish or…,” Nicki said but was cut off by his kiss.

“Or what?” He grabbed her and picked her up.  He began sucking on her neck and was met with moans. “Answer me, Onika. Or what,” he repeated as he made his way to her breast. He sucked them slowly then began to suck them harder every second she waited to answer him.

“Or…uh…fuck, never mind.”

He gave her butterfly kisses on her stomach as he had her where he wanted her. He began making his way to her happy place but stopped. “I’m done. We better hurry up or Wayne will be pissed,” he said slapping her ass. He knew just what to do to drive her crazy.

“Ok I got you, nigga.” She finished and got dressed. She put on a black leather biker jacket, a white tank, some yellow leggings, and gray sandals. Drake put on a red tee, some jeans, and black Jordan.

“Do you want to go with me to the studio?”

“Sure.” She said it quickly not really thinking about how awkward it would be with her, him, and Wayne.

“Aight let’s go,” he said pecking her lips.


“Sup, Drizzy. What you doing here Nic?” Wayne questioned.

“I just wanted to see my fav guys do what they do best since we haven’t been in the studio together in a while,” she made up a quick lie. Only Safaree and some of the OVO crew knew they were dating.

“Oh ok, well let’s get to it nigga. I need you to sing or rap whatever you feel for this ‘She Will’ track for the Carter IV.’’

Drake started nodding to the beat and a smile appeared across his face. “Ok, I’m ready. Turn me up (things that rappers say).” When he went in the booth, he texted Nicki and told her to listen to his first line. He started, “Uh, she just started to pop it for a nigga and looked back and told me baby it’s real, and I say I ain’t doubt u for a second, I squeeze it and I can tell how it feel..” He saw her smiling and knew she was feeling it (the first part was for her).

“Ok, Drizzy, you killed that shit!” Wayne motioned for him to join him out the booth. “Imma do my last verse then we gone listen to the final product.”

Drake sat on the other end of the couch by Nicki not to cause any suspicion. Then he got his phone out to text like they were still in high school or something. “You just don’t understand what I’d do to you if we were alone ;o).”

“O gosh, u DO NOT want it.  U ain’t ready for this good shit bew bew.”

As Drake was about to respond, Wayne came out of the booth and interrupted.

“Uh, Nic you ready for lunch?”

“Oh! Yeah, sure. You straight Drizzy?” she asked curiously. Nicki really didn’t want to leave him but she knew she had to finish this once and for all.

“Yeah, I’m good. Imma go chill with 40 for a bit. I’ll see yall later.” He walked out and looked disappointed but it gave him enough time to finish the surprise he had for Nicki.

“You ready Nic?” Wayne asked.

“Yeah…I guess it’s now or never,” she mumbled.


“I said ‘Yeah, but I need a sweater,’” she lied.

It seemed that Wayne had a change of plans as he detoured to his apartment rather than a restaurant. He stared at when she wasn’t looking trying to read her, but he couldn’t make out her emotions or feelings at the moment. As they got to his house, he opened the car door for her.

“Wow, Weezy opening the door and shit. Who woulda thought?”

“Don’t start. I’ve changed,” he said laughing. “Follow me.” He led her upstairs to his bedroom and began to take his shirt off and exposed his muscles. “You just gone stand there and stare or are you gone sit down?”

“Oh yeah, sorry. I just didn’t know what you was doing.” He caught her off guard and she was in a daze for a moment before sitting down on his huge bed. “So what’s up Tunechi?”

“Don’t play dumb Nicki. You know what we here for,” he said in a serious tone. “What do you think about there being an US?” He blurted not sure if he was ready for her answer.

“Well, Wayne I mean your my boss and that could complicate shit. You’re really great and attractive and funny, but I don’t think there could be a me and you right now. Plus, you have a family and shit, and I don’t know how to deal with that.” She didn’t know how he would react.

“Well…’’ he started but stopped to kiss her. He couldn’t help it. He had loved Nicki every since the day he met her. He loved her confidence, style, attitude, body, and personality.

“Wayne, stop.” She pushed him away and sat there shock. What would she do now? She felt something when she kissed him but she knew it wasn’t as good as a feeling she felt with Drake. “I have to go Wayne. This was a bad idea. Forget this, okay. Just forget it…” she hurried downstairs but was blocked by him.

He grabbed her wrist. “Look Nic, I love you, but I’m not gone force you. I’ll wait if I need to, but I won’t give up.” He said looking in her eyes.

“I need to go Wayne. Bye, see you soon,” she kissed his cheek but was met with hurt in his eyes. She glanced back as she walked away and saw him frozen. “I’m sorry.” That was it as she got in her cab.

As she pulled in Drake’s driveway, there were 10 million thoughts in her head. Would she tell Drake? Would she hide it? It could ruin a friendship or a relationship. Did she really love Drake or was Wayne the one? She was confused. She unlocked the door and before she could say a word….

Is this the end of a friendship,

the beginning of a relationship,

or the beginning of an eternity?


  1. Nicki betta choose Drake & she needs to tell him wat happened cuz other wise its gonna come bak to her later on...Post Soon(:

  2. awww feel so sorry for Wayne . But if Nicki chooses him over Drake im ganne be so mad. Anyways love this blog, post soon :)

  3. Nicki justs needs to stay with drake i know he cheated but if she
    goes with wayne his obviously gonna cheat later on so plz
    just let her stay with drake ;) #Dricki

  4. Nicki needs to STAY with drake because there better for eachother and she needs to tell drake what happened between her and wayne so evarything can be right. OH and she needs to tell wayne she dating drake......

  5. Omg this is a heart breaker ! Poor Wayne but at the same time just look at Nicki And Drake, they are meant for eachother !